The main gate is opened on the very first day

The first bullfighting event, in this case the traditional novillada heldon the eve of the opening of fiestas, saw the opening of the main gate in homage to Borja Jiménez,the young novice bullfighter from Seville. This would-be matador did not waste his chance to show his talent and he merited being carried out the main gate for his display before the young bulls. He was awarded one ear for his first bull and two ears for his second bull. In addition, he substituted for Posada de Maravillas in killing a third bull, after this young bullfighter had wounded himself with his own sword when he tried to finish off his first bull.

The program was completed by Francisco José Espada, who was also awarded a trophy after two aceptable performances against two “novillos” (young bulls) which lacked spirit and which prevented him from making a bigger impression.

The second bull fought by Borja Jiménez, which went by the name of “Camillero”, also had its moment of glory. The dead animal was lead around the arena for showing great valor and bravery before it was finally killed by the apprentice matador.

Late last night a medical report was issued on the state of Posada de Maravillas. As well as a horn wound to his thigh, he had also suffered a “bad bruising to his right wrist with tendón injuries to his 4th and 5th fingers, and a superficial injury to his 3rd finger with a sectioned ulnar nerve”. He was removed to hospital in a serious condition.

Fotos Patxi González

Fotos Maite H. Mateo

El Parralejo. Novillada
Borja Jiménez: oreja, dos orejas y aplausos
Francisco José Espada: ovación y oreja
Posadas Maravillas: silencio (herido)

Mañana, rejones.

6 de julio. 18:30h
Corrida de rejones. Toros de Carmen Lorenzo
Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza
Sergio Galán
Roberto Armendáriz