La conquista de Navarra en Sol

The Pamplona Peña clubs once again created one of their singular fiesta scenes yesterday, on the sunny side of the bullring. They came to the bullfights dressed as historical Navarra soldiers and equipped with their helmets, swords, shields, crowns, etc. and carrying a huge array of flags, in memory of the violent annexation of Navarra which took place in 1512.

Before going to the bullring, all the Peñas gathered together in Jarauta Street and, accompanied by their brass bands and bearing a banner denouncing the violent conquest of Navarra, they then paraded through the streets to the bullring, dressed in their historical outfits and carrying flags of Navarra to attend the third day of bullfights of this year’s Sanfermin fiestas.

Once in the bullring, they unfolded a huge flag of Navarra and began to enliven the scene with their mixture of songs, music and dancing, this time immersed in the character of medieval warriors.

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