Iván Fandiño, Tossed yet carried out shoulder high

Iván Fandiño was on the point of losing out in the fiesta. A crude tossing from his first bull left him with a gash to his right thigh but this did not prevent him from continuing with his work at hand. He was awarded a rather generous ear for his efforts and he then went straight to the infirmary to get a certificate from Doctor Hidalgo to allow him to go back out for his second bull. Here, he went all out and with this fifth bull of the afternoon, he was awarded two ears and the main gate was opened to lead him out shoulder high and so the afternoon proved to be another triumph for this Basque matador in Pamplona.

The bulls made their contribution; the best ones we have seen so far this week. Fandiño made the most of them and both Juan del Álamo and Padilla let their chance slip away, for one reason or another. The Salamanca matador was a bit unlucky with his first bull, perhaps the weakest of the batch and with the second bull he did not know how to finish it off cleanly. The matador from Jerez was a bit unlucky to see his first bull get injured And then he had his second bull just when the spectators were getting out their picnic baskets and their minds were on other things. Even so, both bullfighters showed some class and were perhaps a little unlucky to come away empty-handed.

Reportaje gráfico: Maite H. Mateo

Mañana, las figuras.

9th July. Victoriano Del Río Cortés.

Juan José Padilla: silence and silence
Iván Fandiño: ear and 2 ears
Juan del Álamo: silence and silence

10th July (18:30 p.m.) Garcigrande.
Finito de Córdoba
El Juli
Alejandro Talavante