@Iñigo Alzugaray

Hooked by the armpit at the top of Estafeta Street

Photo: Iñigo Alzugaray

The rapid pace of the bulls over the second half of this sixth Running of the Bulls of 2017, did not allow for much fancywork or frills. Only those runners who were in an excellent physical condition were able to keep up to the pace of the steamrolling Victoriano de Rio bulls and even then, not for very long. This can be clearly seen in this sequence of shots with the runner in the green necktie, a regular experienced runner on this stretch. He displays some fine running in front of the horns of the bulls at the end of the Estafeta stretch but he is soon caught by the bulls as they charge ahead.

One of the bulls hooks him by his armpit with its right horn and grazes his face without, fortunately, jabbing him with its horn, as can be seen in this sequence of photo shots taken by Pablo Lasaosa. This runner was fortunate to be able to get back on his feet without suffering any further mishap.