Gold drum for de pastors

As they do each year, the La Jarana Peña has made its annual Bombo de Oro award which always goes to some personality or collective that is relevant in the development of the Sanfermin fiestas, without which the fiestas would not be quite the same.

On this occasion, the award goes to the bull-minders of the running of the bulls, a group which is often forgotten about amid the spectacle of the running of the bulls event. Nevertheless, they play a vital role in ensuring that the run is carried out properly and correctly. These are the people responsible for guiding and protecting the bulls throughout the whole course from the moment they leave the pens in Santo Domingo until they arrive to the bullpens inside the bullring. They impose an order and standards of behavior among the runners, thanks to their experience and knowledge of the bulls and the running of the bulls event.

Some members from the Peña awarded them with the typical blue neckties which are worn by this well-known Peña club just before the start of the running of the bulls today. We see them posing just outside the doors to the bullring.