Concentración de Anima Naturalis contra el encierro y las corridas de toros. Sanfermin sin sangre.

For a bloodless Sanfermin

The square in front of Pamplona City Hall was the scene of a protest gathering from the Anima Naturalis organization as they made a call for a bloodless Sanfermin fiesta.  Some one hundred people lined up semi-nude, dressed only in their underwear and holding some small buckets filled with a red liquid. After the reading of the protest claim for a bloodless fiesta, the protestors smeared their heads and bodies with the red liquid which represented the shocking red blood spilt by the bulls.

In the communication which was read out to a sizable watching public and to some media outlets, it was stated that “as from tomorrow this city will begin to torture a total of more than 50 bulls and we are gathered in this city to protest because these bulls will be brutally chased up to a shameful bullring and held in darkness in pens without ever understanding anything of what is happening to them.”

From the organization Ánima Naturalis, a statement was issued by them claiming that they are in Pamplona because of the cruelty meted out to the bulls. “We are some one hundred odd protesters who have come here from different parts of Spain and even from abroad to make our protest. We know that we cannot put a halt to the brutal death of the bulls but we are gathered here to ensure that their deaths are not seen with total indifference.” Before bringing the protest to a finish, they made a final call for the end of bullfighting and for a Sanfermin fiesta without any spilt blood.