Espectáculo sanferminero con La Pamplonesa para celebrar su 95 aniversario

The Pamplonesa brass band will celebrate the 95th anniversary of its foundation (24th of September, 1919) with a musical and theatrical show which will take place in Baluarte Concert Hall on the 29th of June, 2014 and which has been inspired by the Sanfermin fiestas, both in its musical content and its scenic background. Attendance is by ticket at a price of 12 euro and there are two shows – 12. 00 and at 19.00. The show will run under the title “San Fermín Emoción. Sinfonía de sensaciones en rojo, Opus 95? and it will have a theater group called Pasadas las 4 to support the spectacle. There will be some unedited compositions from Vincent Egea (with a new piece set around the Running of the Bulls event) and from Jesús Garísoain (With a piece that fuses music from the brass bands of the Sanfermin Peña clubs.) The director of The Pamplonesa promises that the public will be “thrilled” by the final result.

Vicent Egea related how, after the composition work he had commented to his musicians that “It was more frightening to interpret the piece about the running of the Bulls than to take part in the actual running of the bulls.” He revealed that it was composed in frenetic rhythms emanating from the experience of the actual running of the bulls and its seven movements found in the work have been inspired by the seven classic stretches of the course.

The show will also count on the participation of the Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos (The Giants and their Entourage) as well as the folk dancing dantzaris and indeed some other typical Sanfermin performing groups.