Equipazo, cartel de Sanfermin 2014

“Equipazo”, (‘great team’) the image created by Ignacio Domenech from Alicante will be the poster for Sanfermin for 2014, after receiving the backing of 879 voters (25% of the total number of voters) sent in by Pamplona citizens listed on the official census list and who have had the opportunity of casting their votes from a listing of eight finalist posters.

As the author himself explained at the press conference offered by the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, the design deals with a vectored illustration where spot inks were used and in which the image of a woman was conscientiously inserted. The decision to include a woman was something which had been on his mind and which was wholly endorsed when he read from Alcoi this post from Sanfermin.com about the theme. Equally, he insists that he did not want to offend the image of Hemingway in any way when he drew him holding the horn of a bull.

Domenech, a regular visitor to the Sanfermin fiestas, revealed that he had first thought of inserting a selfie on the poster, but in the end he rejected this idea.

Press conference in spanish with the author.

Ignacio Domenech Payá was born on the 12th of August, 1988 in the town of Alcoi in the province of Alicante. He has a higher qualification in Graphic Design from the Escola de Disseny i Art – the School of Design in Barcelona. Currently, he is working as a freelance graphic designer. Last year one of his poster designs won the design competition to announce the 128th edition of the Parade of The Three Wise Men at the Feast of the Epiphany in Alcoi. The style of the poster confirms a constant fidelity found in the work of Domenech, as can be seen at his webpage.

Equipazo quickly became the favorite of the eight finalists as was pointed out in Sanfermin.com some days ago, based on the number of reproductions of the videos. A curious fact this year is the large presence of designers from outside Navarra – a total of six from the eight finalist entries.

3, 474 citizens voted in the competition – 1, 400 less than last year. As the Mayor, Mr. Maya, pointed out at the press conference, this fact will need to be given some serious thought by the City Hall organizers of the competition.

1. Equipazo (Ignacio Domenech, from Alcoi). 879 votes (25, 3%)
2. 7+7=14 (Estefanía de Paz Asín, de Pamplona). 707 votes (20,3%)
3. Déjate atrapar (Eloy Antoñanzas Molina, Pamplona) (631 votes(18,16%)
4. Rey de Sanfermines (Manuel Jesús Rivero Fernández, Córdoba). 515 votes
5. Con mucho amor (Jon Artetxe Artabe, de Areatza, Bizkaia). 488 votes
6. San (Aner Hernández Barrenetxea, Mutriku). 131 votes
7. Pañoleta y Asta (Julio Redondo Muñiz, Jerez). 102 votes
8. Afilado (José Luis Fernández González, Laviana-Asturias). 21 votes

This is the opinion of the technical jury panel about the winning design (spanish).