Antena 3 recoge en su informativo el proyecto de normativa del encierro

The plans to bring in new bye-laws for the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls were also on the agenda of the Mesa del Encierro (Running of the Bulls Round Table) at their meeting yesterday. These new plans are generating a lot of discussion in many circles. And even on the national television they received some comment during the prime time news broadcast on Antena 3 TV yesterday. The news program mentioned some of the most important changes that are going to be made by this bye-law coming from Pamplona City Hall. The main message that is getting across to the people is the fact that Pamplona is going to try to regulate the Running of the Bulls by means of imposing stiff fines and that the offenders will be accompanied by the local police to the nearest cash dispenser in order to pay the fine on the spot.

The national television news also reported on the widespread rumor – something which we have not heard or seen any factual proof at that some of the international tourism operators are offering places inside the stretch of the bullrunning enclosure. The news item finished up by suggesting that these new norms would mean that many runners will now prefer to watch the bullrunning from behind the fencing rather than risk fines if they choose to run the course.

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