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The 2015 Running of the Bulls survey: To regain the children’s’ running of the Bulls and not to allow anyone take part in The Running of the Bulls who is not wearing white gear

We received 283 responses to the outlined proposals at Sanfermin.com since July 2014. The results indicate that the questions most voted on were as follows:

-Regain the children’s’ running of the Bulls (171 out of 283, 60%)
-Not to allow anyone to enter the Running of the Bulls course who is not dressed in white (115 out of 283, 41%)
-Not to allow runners wearing multi-colored tee shirts with publicity on them to take part in the running of the Bulls(111 out of 283, 39%)

If we add the responses of those who feel only white gear should be allowed for runners and not to allow publicity on tee shirts, which are in fact, analogous questions, then really the result would be different. However, we have wished to separate the options as the answers arrived to us separately and these could raise some subtle differences (such as that there are people who might be against publicity being shown on T-shirts but not against color T-shirts.

But this is not the case as really about 95% of those who marked one answer of these two options would have also selected the other one. So that we know that those in favor of running in white only are also in favor of no publicity on the t-shirts, but nothing more than that. (from among those who have taken part in the survey, obviously.

What improvements would you make to The Running of the Bulls for Sanfermin 2015?

Recover the children’s’ bullrunnings. Every afternoon in Estafeta at 17.30 p.m. 171 60%
Runners with publicity messages on their T-shirts should not be allowed to enter the bullrun course 111 39%
Not allow anyone not dressed in white to enter the course 115 41%
The bull ranches should use eight Bulls (not six) for each participation in The Running of the Bulls 86 30%
Limit access to a maximum figure of 2.000 runners 82 29%
Eliminate the anti-slipping application in those zones where it is applied each morning. 64 23%
All those who touch the Bulls inside the course should be banned from taking part in any further bullrunnings for life. 62 22%
Not wish to change anything and leave things as they are 29 10%
It would be logical to also sing the homily to the saint in English in the same way as is being done at the moment in the Basque and Spanish languages 9 3%

Without being the most responded variables, there are some options that stand out in the survey; for example, using eight Bulls or limiting the number of runners to 2000 people at most. In this regard, it should be noted that more than half of the 2014 runnings had more than 2000 runners (consult 2014 figures.)

There are some options which had hardly any success but which are still important precisely for that decision expressed, such as that only 3% of the people would not touch any of the present norms and would leave everything exactly as it stands. It is also significant in this regard that different proposals were made from the comment of “other responses” among which we would underline: tighter control of the people who have drunk too much(at present, this is being done, but the demand is that it be done more completely), not to broadcast the Running of the Bulls on TV; make an ID card for all runners to ensure that all who take part in the event know the norms to follow on the course.

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What improvements would you introduce to enhance The Running of the Bulls events in Sanfermin 2015?