Encierros al estilo “yankee”

It would seem that the North-Americans will no longer need to come all the way to Pamplona in order to take part in a running of the bulls. The “made in USA” encierros were launched last Saturday in the State of Virginia, in an attempt to emulate the running of the bulls that take place each year in Pamplona during San Fermín fiestas.

Some 8000 runners paid 50 dollars in advance for an entry ticket -70 dollars if bought on the same day – to take part in this event which was held under the name “The Great Run Bull” and which will now tour across several USA cities over the next few months to bring the traditional Pamplona event to the American public. The course was set up on a motor-racing track and it included a spectator stand set up for the public which cost 10 dollars per seat. For those who wished to finish off the day’s event with a tomato fight in the very same style as the “Tomatina” in Buñol, could do so by buying a ticket for 30 dollars to enter the tomato-throwing zone.

All those Americans who love these two Spanish fiestas will now have their chance to enjoy some of the spectacle in their own home territory as “The Great Bull Run” will visit the following places across the nation over the coming months:

19th October, 2013, in Conyers (Georgia), close to Atlanta.
7th December, 2013, in Baytown (Texas), near Houston.
1st February, 2014, in Dade City (Florida).
8th March, 2014, in Lake Elsinore (California).
5th April, 2014, in Ennis (Texas), near Dallas.
10th May, 2014, in Twin Cities (Minnesota).
7th June, 2014, in Northeast (Pennsylvania)
21st June, 2014, in NorCal (California).
12th July, 2014 in Chicago (Illinois).