Encierro del Día 15 for those who wish to continue the partying

This morning the traditional Encierro del Día 15 (‘Running of the Bulls’ imitation) took place at the close of the San Fermín fiestas with an imitation Miguel Induráin cyclist leading the way. What these people really do, that is to say, the people from this Movimiento 15 de julio, (‘Movement of the 15th July’) is to stop the running each time that any political slogan are shouted out. Today there were six stops made for this reason along the length of the course of the Running of the bulls. At the seventh such “offence” at Labrit slope, “Induráin” abandoned his run and the run was finished on foot by some of the participants. The “Encierro” started some five minutes late, due to the need to make some changes to the “Spada” bicycle which “ Induráin” was using and there were two novelties, the return of the “monkey”, Charly to the race and the spontaneous participation of “ Induráin” in the chants to the Holy Patron.

Some three hundred people cheered on “Indurain” in his race and there were no incidents of any consequence. A fall in  Estafeta on the part of two runners, just in front of the bicycle meant that everyone had to come to a halt for a few minutes but no injuries were caused. The “herd” took the corner of Mercaderes on the inside and the anti-slipping served its role of preventing any slip-ups. Those who fell did so on purpose. Here is the complete running. Viva the Holy Patron!