Con el Culo Al Aire, Antena 3

Encierro de Sanfermin “Con el culo al aire” de Antena 3

An adaptation of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls was featured in the latest episode of this TV series “Con el culo al aire“ from Antena 3. Now in its third season, this episode number 8 is set in a camping site. The Spanish group in the camping site wish to show their appreciation to Hans, a Swiss hotel owner in love with Lola (Goizalde Núñez), who has offered work in his Swiss hotel to the group. In their fervor to show their appreciation and to ingratiate themselves with Hans, the proposal suggested byÁngel (Raúl Fernández), Rubén (Julián López) and Paulino (Janfri Topera) is to organize a Sanfermin Running of the Bulls in his honor “because that is what the foreigners like most about Spain”. You can watch the video here and if you really want to learn about running in the event or showing someone else how to do it, visit A quick guide to the running of the bulls.

Like any well-made TV series, it has some memorable lines and scenes. The mechanism of these “Homemade Sanfermines” consist in running between some roadwork fencing and being chased by a “bull” on a bicycle wheel. In the storyline, the trial is successfully completed but when they are ready for the real thing, they set off a rocket to start things and it is then that Lola appears on a quad with a set of stag’s horns on the front. The thing gets out of control and the Swiss man ends up wounded. The web site of this series highlight the Sanfermin aspect with a title “San Fermines locos en el camping“. Some of the best lines are familiar to regular Sanfermin bullrunning fans “The most important thing in the running of the Bulls is to warm up beforehand”, “In the bullrunning, three things are essential: a rolled-up newspaper in the hand and a pair of balls”, “In Pamplona, they call me The Kamikaze of Estafeta Street”.