The Selfie that might have cost a life in the Running of the Bulls

Eneko Morán has been taking photos of the Running of the Bulls for the past three years. This year, with the customary tension and nervousness of the first Bullrun, was added the inconvenience of having to protect his equipment from a downpour of rain, just an hour before the running of the bulls began. In spite of everything he got himself into position on the fencing and he began to shoot his camera as soon as the bullrun got underway.  And he has managed to get a pretty awesome series of photos. When he began to check his photos after the event finished, he noticed that he had captured what he thought was a knockdown made by one of the El Puerto bulls. However, when he got back to the office of, we were able to confirm that the runner who was caught by the bull had been looking at his cell phone with both hands, as if he were taking a Selfie on the stretch of the course. A reckless action that could easily have cost him his life.  .

As can be seen in the first of the images, the runner is totally unaware of the approaching bull and is focused on his cell phone. The succeeding image shows the bull catching the unsuspecting runner. (Image from Eneko Morán)

The whole sequence of photos shows exactly what happened. And it should be remembered that a Town Hall statute specifically states that all cell phones and cameras are banned from use inside the whole length of the course of the Running of the Bulls.