Jesús Urrutia -gerente de Luminosos Arga-, David Martinez, Nuria Elía y su hija Irene -del Asador Martintxo-, Myrna Urrutia de Luminosos Arga y el fotógrafo y miembro del jurado Mikel Muruzábal.

The II San Fermín international Photography Competition is looking at a fiesta for all ages

We have just learned some details about the II San Fermin International Photography Competition which is being organized by Luminosos Arga Digital. The organizer, Myrna Urrutia, tells us that this second consolidating edition of the competition hopes to “show that our fiestas are not dependent on any particular age group and that it is by no means only for the young adults among us. Children, middle-aged and senior citizens all equally enjoy the fiestas and indeed, everyone has their place in these Sanfermin fiestas.” At the same time, she underlined during her press conference that the philosophy behind the competition lies in revealing a truer picture of the fiestas than that which is generally shown by the media. That is why some original images that go beyond the more cliché images of the partying will be appreciated in this competition. The jury will bear this point in mind as well as evaluating the technical and artistic factors. The following names have been chosen to make up the jury members: Javier Villarreal, José Luis Pujol, Mikel Muruzábal y Pedro Armestre. The Rules and Regulations of the competition may be downloaded here (spanish language) as well as getting more information on those details which particularly interest you.

The winning snapshot will receive a prize of 1, 200 euros as well as a prize-winning dinner for two at Asador-Sidrería Martintxo Cider house restaurant. There is also a case of wine from the Bodega y trujal La Perdigana winery and Olive Oil Company. Second prize consists of a cash prize of 800 euros and the third prize has 500 euros. Both these runners-up winners will also be invited to partake of a dinner for two at the Asador-Sidrería Martintxo restaurant and also receive a case of wine from the Bodega y trujal La Perdigana. The Jury will make an initial selection of 20 finalists and the winning photos will then be chosen from this group.

Subsequently, there will be two exhibitions held of the finalist photos – at the La Morea shopping Mall and at the cider house restaurant, Asador-Sidrería Martintxo. Each entrant may submit up to five photographs before the closing date of 29th of July to the e-mail address:

At the press conference which was held at the Cines Golem located inside the La Morea shopping mall, two – of the jury members were present – José Luis Pujol – shown first on the left – and Javier Muruzábal – first on the right. Also shown in the image is the Cultural Councilor from Pamplona City Hall, Fermín Alonso – second left – and Myrna Urrutia, from Luminosos Arga Digital.

Last year’s winner of this competition was Pablo Lasaosa with his photo “Tradición” which was selected as the best from among the finalists and now this year the search is now on for his successor.

© Pablo Lasaosa.