The Sanfermin Running of the Bulls on the video of Marca España for 2015

Accompanied by the phrase “the personality that makes us unique” –Y la personalidad que nos hace únicos- the Pamplona Running of the Bulls has been included in the 2015 video to celebrate España brand. The other events which accompany the announcement of the running of the Bulls are some shots of some flamenco hand-clapping, a colla castellera -a Catalonian human pillar of bodies being formed– which appears just before the bullrunning, and some images of a falla -a paper-maché monument from the traditional fiestas in Valencia-, which appears after the bullrunning shots.

The particular Running of the Bulls which was chosen for the video corresponds to the one that was run on the morning of the 7th of July, 2014, being precisely the second 30 seconds of the first minute of the run with the Torrestrella fighting bulls and which registered the first goring of last year’s fiestas. You can check for full information about that bullrunning at encierro del 7 de julio de 2014 en In the images you can see the bulls running half-way up the slope of Santo Domingo with the animals still in a tight compact group and running close behind the runners. The video was shot by the national TV channel RTVE for the Oficina del Alto Comisionado of the National Government as part of the Marca España video compilation.

This is yet another example of how seductive the Pamplona Running of the Bulls proves to be in attracting foreign visitors and tourists and in reinforcing the singularity of many Spanish traditions. The video can be seen at the web page of marcaespaña and it was also used as the first commercial announcement of the new year broadcast with a selection of images over 59 seconds after the chimes of the bells to announce the arrival of New Year 2015.