El doctor Manuel Martínez Grande, Gallico de Oro 2013

Once again, and this is now the twenty-eighth successive year, the Napardi gastronomic society announces the arrival of the Sanfermin fiestas with the publication of its Gallico award for 2013. On this occasion, an appreciation of the important work of Doctor Manuel Martínez Grande has been confirmed. This prestigious surgeon is an expert in the field of orthopedic surgery and prosthesis. The surgeon has just recently retired after a career which has put Navarra in the front line in this particular field of medicine.

The Napardi society each year bestows this award on some renowned person from Navarra or who is connected with the province in the field of science, medicine, sport or the arts  and culture and, this year, the board of the well-known society has honored Doctor Martinez Grande with their award. The doctor who was born in Asturias, first came to Navarra in 1974 and in his long career here he has been Head of Traumatology at the Virgen del Camino Hospital as well as being an associate professor of the University of  Navarra and the person responsible for the creation of the orthopedic surgery at the Clínica Ubarmin hospital.