Don’t Come To Pamplona, by Katxi

If you are thinking of coming to our fiestas in July, then I ask you to think again. You may believe that San Fermín is wonderful, but I’m here to tell you the truth. You should stay away! Spend the money on a holiday to the USA instead where you can get much better value for money. Go out and do something better instead.
Here’s some other reasons:

• It’s too crowded – you can’t breathe!
• The prices are far too expensive for food, for drink, for the corridas, for rooms for EVERYTHING! It’s a rip-off.
• The places stinks of piss and shit.
• There is trash everywhere.
• Always somebody wants to rob you, to rip you off or to take your money.
• The encierro has become a comedy – a national disgrace. It’s a show full of drunken clowns.
Trust me, don’t come to Pamplona. There are much better things to see in the world.