En libertad los seis detenidos por los incidentes del Txupinazo

The judge has set free the six people charged with hanging a giant Basque flag in front of city hall just before the Sanfermin Txupinazo 2013 was to be set off.


Six people were detained yesterday morning at 8.30 a.m. in a joint operation carried out by the National Police Force and the Pamplona municipal police force. They were charged with creating the disturbances which occurred on the 6th of July in Pamplona at the Txupinazo opening event of the Sanfermin fiestas 2013. According to police sources cited by Diario de Navarra four of the charged are named as I. B., I. B., I. G., J. G., E. G. and M.V., all resident within Pamplona and its suburbs. They are charged with being responsible for having hung a huge Basque flag across the facade of City Hall which held up the opening of the Sanfermin fiestas by some twenty minutes.


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