Decepcionante corrida de figuras


One of the afternoon bullfights most eagerly looked forward to in Sanfermin 2013, and the one that everyone wanted to see, ended up in nothing. Tickets had been sold out early and expectations were high because of the toreros and the bull-breed that featured in this particular bullfight. But it all turned out a disappointment.  Morante finished off his bulls quickly when he saw that they were not going to provide any action. El Juli, as always, showed enthusiasm and tried his best and with his second bull he managed a decent display. Talavante could have come away with honors but he failed with his bull when it came to the kill and he was left without any award for the third fight of the afternoon.

10th July (6.30 p.m.) Victoriano del Río

Morante de la Puebla: silence and silence
Julián López “El Juli”: silence and silence
Alejandro Talavante: applause and silence


Reportaje fotográfico: Maite H. Mateo