Girl runner injured in the running of the bulls

The Adolfo Martín bull-ranch did not cause any gorings but they have left several runners with bruises and contusions. While none of the injured runners seems to be in any serious danger, perhaps the most eye-catching case is that of a twenty-eight year old Irish woman runner, K.M, from Portdown (North of Ireland). This female runner suffered cranial contusion but she has left the hospital just this morning.

As each year passes, more and more women are entering the course to take part in the Running of the Bulls, to experience the excitement of this Sanfermin event. Traditionally, this event was considered only suitable for men, although women were never explicitly prohibited from taking part. Perhaps, it was thought that women were not physically strong enough for the event, but in fact, it is even more important to use your intelligence when running and also to find the best stretch to run from. And now it is common to see more and more female runners each morning on the course.

Up to now four women have suffered gorings in the Running of the Bulls: Anne Karlin Kvan (NOR) on the 8th of July, 1991, Jennifer Smith (USA) the 7th of July, 2001, Elinzey Sain (USA) one year later, and J.E. (AUS) on the 14 th of July, 2013.