¿How is a bull like from up close?

Fotos: Javier Martínez de la Puente

In the first Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2017 which featured the Cebada Gago bull-ranch, some of the runners were able to run close in front of the horns. Some runners even got a very close-up view of the bulls. Perhaps, the one who got the closest view of all was this young man on the right side of the fencing at the City Hall stretch. He only had tenths of a second to analyze in detail just what the horn of a bull really looks like close-up, indeed, just what a fighting bull looks like close-up, and even what the Running of the Bulls event is really like close-up…. A close-up view indeed…

He must have had a good look, because, in addition, he was wearing some glasses, which, by some miracle, did not end up on the ground. In the final photo of this sequence of shots from Javi Martínez, the same runner is even closer still to the bull – close enough to smell the bull. Now, what does a bull smell of?