Chiyoshi Sugawara awarded with the Guiri of the Year

Kukuxumusu celebrated Guiri Day 2010, where the foreign visitors take the front seat in recognition for their fidelity and passion for the Sanfermin fiestas. The center -piece of the homage to the foreigners was a lunch where the VII edition of the Guiri del Año Award was handed over to the Japanese photographer, Chiyoshi Sugawara.

The event took place at the Europa restaurant and , as well as the founder-members of Kukuxumusu, guests included friends of the award-winner, Carlos Gil, Charo Martínez and Arancha Sola, among others. Some of the previous winners of this award were also in attendance such as the North-American, Lore Monnig (2005), the wife and kids of the German, Manfred Walloschke (2007), the Moroccan, Sbai El Idrissi (2008), and Frank Taylor who received the award last was accompanied by his wife, Sheila.

The award was handed over by Mr.Testis and the three founder-members of Kukuxumusu: Mikel Urmeneta, Gonzalo Dominguez de Bidaurreta and Koldo Aiestaran. Once the award ceremony was completed, a meal was served to all the guests. As generally happens on these occasions, an atmosphere of joie de vivre reigned and there were plenty of jovial moments with singing and dancing.

The guiri of this year, Chiyoshi Sugawara, is a tourism photographer and he has been a regular visitor to Sanfermin fiestas ever since she first came in 1986 when he was invited by a friend from Malaga. He came at first due to her interest in the figure of Hemingway but he came away charmed by the whole atmosphere of the fiestas and ever since then he has been a habitual visitor to Sanfermin.