Bad Sanfermin, haz de toro y venga a tus hermanos

The prestigious German team – The Team Big Monkey – have developed a game for Android Tablets and Cell Phones based on the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls with the name San Fermin Bull-Run Revenge. The most novel aspect of this platform is that the person who plays takes on the role of the bull. The aim of the game in this “mischievous” Sanfermin scenario is for the bull to get revenge. The firm itself is promoting the game by listing three main challenges: to attain the highest number of tosses possible, to reach the maximum distance possible, share the results with your friends and try to get into the latest news broadcasts. In the promotional video we can see in the images scenes of runners and bits of the fencing sent into orbit by the bulls – just the ones in the game, of course.

The game images are in HD and the sound has been created with care because it is a very typical Sanfermin sound but in computerized version of course. It is available at Google Play, for free. It occupies 9.8 megas, and requires version 2.3 and higher of Android. With the first 500 downloads it achieved a mark of 4, 9 out of 5. All results are exportable to the social networks and you can challenge your mates.

BullRun sanfermin
BullRun Sanfermin