Ayuda a Julio Mazarico en el proyecto Bluelips

From here at Sanfermin.com we remind you that only a few days remain for taking part in the Bluelips project to select the sixth movie director who will film during Sanfermin 2012. This director will work alongside another five directors on the screenplay with the title Bluelips. Mario de la Torre, Giselle Llanio, Julio Mazarico, Diana Nava, Antonello Novellino, Nacho Ruiperez and Marisé Samitier make up the list of contenders and you can vote for your choice by signing in at the web page Bluelipsthemovie.com and casting your vote here.

Our own choice goes to Julio Mazarico, not for any artistic reasons but simply because our good friend at Sanfermin.com, Imanol Reta – is involved with this director. Imanol plays the part of Phermin Bello at Sanfermin.tv and he also does his thing at blogs from Phermin Bello- and he is the only one who has asked us for support. We have recreated his presentation video (Webcam) at the web site of Bluelips with our own version (Webcam 3.0) made by Mazarico himself for sanfermin.com. Of course, we wish the best of luck to all the contenders.