Attentive to take the bull to the bullring

Pamplona City Hall expressly forbids “hailing the bulls or trying to attract their attention in any way whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever along the length of the course of the running of the bulls or inside the bullring”. This task should only be done by the bull-minders and dobladores. Nevertheless, in the middle of all the tension of the running and the speed at which everything occurs, there are occasions and circumstances when the runners must decide to break the law “for the greater good”. In today’s bullrunning, one such chance presented itself, when a runner managed to prevent a bull from turning back without endangering the lives of the other runners, and without touching the bull. And once he got the bull to run after him towards the entrance to the bullring, the runner smartly pulled away at the right moment when the bull entered the arena. The whole sequence was captured by our photographer, Ignacio Rubio.