La curva de la Estafeta con la manada. @Juantxo Erce

All together in a pack

Foto: Juantxo Erce

One of the biggest dangers in any kind of bullrunning occurs whenever a bull gets loose and separated from the pack. Just the opposite to what happened with the José Escolar bulls that are always ready to go their own way, these Fuente Ymbro bulls always seem to want to stay together in close contact. And that is exactly what they did during this fourth Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2017. All together in a tight pack.

These Fuente Ymbro set off together from the pens in Santo Domingo and together they all entered the pens inside the bullring. This is not a very common image in a bullrunning but it has to be said that when the bulls all stay together, there is a lot less danger for the runners. This sequence of photos show just how close together the bulls stayed during today’s Running of the Bulls.