Álbum de fotografías con forma de pañuelico de Sanfermin

The crisis can’t keep down creativity and the symbols that represent the Sanfermin fiestas are an endless source of inspiration. And that is exactly what José Ángel Ayerra is proving with his initiative with his business at Fotoavenida.es. Here he has created a photo album which has the shape of a Sanfermin necktie. As Ayerra points out, “The album has, in scale size, the same measurements as the plaza del Castillo square, 50×50 cm. It was created with a wedding album in mind but you never know what else it might well serve for. The modeling and the design is made by us and the average number of pages is sixty. It sells at the same price as a digital wedding album.”

This triangular-shaped album has been nicknamed “El Pañuelico” (‘The little necktie’) and Fotoavenida.es is surprised that similar initiatives have not already been made among the many fans of the fiestas. A couple who are both members of one of the Sanfermin Peña clubs have been the first customers to take the “El Pañuelico” album for their future wedding photos.