Acierta o Muere, hoy en National Geographic con Sanfermin

This evening at 22.30, National Geographic kicks off with a new program called Do or Die“and which contains a video on the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls. The program was broadcast last year in the USA under the same title “Do or Die” . It can be seen on Canal + I here in Spain and later on other cable TV outlets. The theme of the program is what action should best be taken when under moments of extreme danger. conceded some material used in this program with some spectacular shots of the Mercaderes corner which can be seen at our channel on YouTube. This is an extract from the original report.

Some of these same images have already been shown previously on another program broadcast on the 19th of July, 2009 in Animal Planet under the title Untamed & Uncut. In both programs an account is given by Marcus Wolf who experienced some incredible few moments in the Running of the Bulls at the corner of Mercaderes which so nearly could have cost him his life.

The theme of the program centers on how your life can totally change in just a few seconds. When you come up against some totally unexpected situation, a vital decision taken can make the difference between life or death. How should one react to a bite from a venomous snake? What to do when your vehicle brakes fail? And if you suffer a sudden tsunami?

Each episode deals with different situations of extreme danger and explains how people can react to each situation when confronted by them. Real life situations are always treated in the program and the NGC program always proposes three possible reactions so that the viewers can use their own instinct and they then evaluate the three options to find the best one for each situation. Afterwards, with the help of digital recreations, The NGC series then makes an analysis of the consequences of each decision to show what might perhaps be the only option that could allow the person to come out alive.