Sanfermin. Después del Chupinazo.

Some good advice about traveling to Sanfermin 2016: the best fiesta in the world where getting the best spots can turn out to be cheaper

Maybe you’re thinking that Sanfermin is still a long way off and it’s too early yet to be planning for Sanfermin July fiestas 2016. And indeed, so it is. Exactly 237 days remain before the Txupinazo opening rocket of the 6th of July is set off once again. But precisely that long stretch of time means that you can now start preparing your trip without any rushing or fussing. You have plenty of time to consider all the options open to you and to check out some of the details that could make your trip cheaper and more enjoyable and get some of the best accommodation offers while they are still available.

At we have already updated prices for 2016 at our reservations section. These include hotels and also balconies that can be rented out for the running of the bulls and here you can follow some easy steps to ensure that you have a good trip and some intense experiences at the fiestas.

One fact about Sanfermin fiestas can never be underlined too often: no other fiestas in the world have such a homogeneous treatment for everyone and where the privilege of access to the best spots can be so open to one and all. The concept of accessibility has a dual slant: first of all, participating in the two biggest daily events of the fiestas is absolutely free, i.e. both to take part in the daily Running of the Bulls and to party in the streets comes without any financial charge. Secondly, at the same time, it is possible to rent or hire spots that allow for the best and most direct access to the fiesta scene and allow you to be a privileged witness to all that is going on.

For example, it would be possible to follow in the footsteps of such a renowned personality as Ernest Hemingway and book into the Hotel La Perla and maybe watch the morning Running of the Bulls from one of the hotel balconies in your pajamas, as Ernest himself must surely have done on some of his trips to the fiestas. At other kinds of fiestas this opportunity would be difficult to experience, both because the fiestas might not have the importance of the fiesta of Sanfermin, and because the access to these privileged spots could be limited.

In any case there are more practical reasons why it is worth thinking of planning a trip now – the sooner you make a booking, the cheaper it could be and while some of the best places are still available. This is the case because the Sanfermin fiestas attract people from all parts of the world and the longer you wait the smaller the number of offers available and this fact pushes up the prices on many occasions. Outlined below are some points to keep in mind while you think about making your booking:

• Should you wish to give the weekend a miss; the booking will work out cheaper. At any time between the 6th and the 14th of July the fiesta is buzzing and packed with people. This year the 6th falls on a Wednesday and this could be the ideal moment to arrive for a few days.
• The main action tends to be centered in the old quarter and around the downtown area. So if you can book a hotel in some of the neighboring districts you are away from the noise and bustle but within walking distance of all the action at hotels such as A.C.Ciudad de Pamplona. Hotel Albret, Reino de Navarra or Iruña Park.
• Should you wish to take part in the Running of the Bulls, Pamplona is a relatively small city with a good public transport service which means you can get to most places in a short time, even if you choose a hotel in the outskirts of the city. The hotels furthest from the downtown area are usually a bit cheaper and with more availability, which is the case of the Hotel Andía or the Hotel San Fermín Apartments. At the website of the city bus service you can check out times and prices:
• If you are planning to travel in your own vehicle there are some other hotels available in some of the surrounding towns not far from Pamplona, where a quieter night is guaranteed and where you might find other activities such rural tourism and country walks or even go fishing in the rivers as Ernest Hemingway himself used to do. The hotel Ekai in the town of Aoiz, near to Pamplona, is one such hotel. In addition, within the zone of Pamplona there are some special parking lots set up during fiestas, free of charge. But it would not be advisable to park in some of the city neighborhoods as there are parking meters there that are in use throughout the day and consequently it is expensive to leave any kind of vehicle for any length of time. Further information about parking during Sanfermin fiestas can be found at:
• The quality of all the hotels is of a high standard and a good rest is assured. In addition, some of these hotels would have some activities organized, such as the Hotel Tres Reyes tends to do with some of its halls. Bear in mind that during fiestas the day is long and physically tiring so a good rest at night and plenty of good food is advisable in order to be up and ready with plenty of energy for a full day of fiestas the next morning.

Encierros de Sanfermin. Mikel Ciaurriz.
Encierros de Sanfermin. Mikel Ciaurriz.