Ruedo Arte organizes competition for recortadores (‘acrobatics with bulls’) and a challenge between two bull-ranches for Sanfermin 2014

On the 12th and 13th of July, a competitive display of recortadores as well as a challenge of bull-ranches between the provinces of Navarra and Aragón. These two different events, organized by Ruedo Arte, will take place at 11. 00 a.m. on the two consecutive days.

The San Fermín 2014 competition on the 12th of July will have sixteen of the best recortadores, who will feature in a display with five Bulls from the “Aguadulce” bull-ranch in Seville. Jumping, somersaulting and dodging the Bulls during the whole morning in a display of bravery and skill that cannot be missed.

On the13th of July, there will be a competition between two bull-ranches, also held in the bullring. A Navarra bull-ranch against an Aragon bull-ranch.