No tocar las astas a los toros

There is a city hall ruling which fines anyone who touches the horns of the bull in the Pamplona running of the bulls. Today, we focus on a series of images shot by  José Ignacio Delgado and Miguel Fernández on the 7th of July,  2012 where we find a runner taking a voluntary grasp of the horns of a bull. This action is one of the most dangerous that can be made inside the course because it could cause a bull to turn back, or even worse, focus its sights on some other innocent runner who is  passing at the same time. In this particular case, we can see how the runner tries to reach for the horns and grasps them. The bull tries to twist out of the hold and causes the runner to fall awkwardly to the ground.

Here, we then see how a runner coming behind is now dangerously exposed to horns of the bulls and the bull runs the risk of being separated from the other bulls which is always a very dangerous situation. The runner who caused the incident also had pulled at the tee shirt of a runner beside him when he tried to reach the horns and this could also have caused a serious incident by unbalancing the innocent runner.

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