The Jandilla bulls will open Sanfermin

Fastest Running of the Bulls: 2´19″ 7/7/1998 22,66 km per hour
Slowest Running of the Bulls: 5´33″ 11/7/2005 9,45 km per hour
Average length of time: 3´19″ 15,14 km per hour
Average number of gorings: 1,8 (27/15)
Average number of runnings with gorings: 3,3 (27/8)

The Jandilla bulls have covered the length of the stretch of the Running of the Bulls a total of 21 minutes and 7 seconds. Up to now, the Jandilla bull-breed have caused a total of 27 gorings, almost two per running, (1,8) although, in 2014 there were no gorings caused, which broke with the statistical average up to then. Indeed, it is important to note a crucial fact. From a total of fifteen Running of the bulls, seven of these did not suffer any gorings and in the remaining eight runs all of the 27 gorings took place. The general average statistics hide the fact that with the Jandilla it is a case of all or nothing, either they cause an above-average number of gorings or none at all.

Their typical behavior in the Running of the Bulls:
In their fastest days they tend to stay together in a close pack until at least half-way-up Estafeta Street where they begin to lengthen out from one another. If any of the bulls get loose from the others, this tends to cause a long running and makes this especially dangerous for the runners.

AWARDS: Trofeo Feria del Toro: 2003 and 2004.Carriquiri: 2004, 2005 and 2009