Singer Piero Pelù inspired his “Toro Loco” video with some Sanfermin images

Today we give an account of a curious musical video that was sent in by Maco Biagioli to the Sanfermin page of Facebook.. In 2000, Italian Singer, Piero Pelù, published his musical piece, “Toro Loco” and whose accompanying musical video featured a lot of Sanfermin images. In the video we can find shots of the young bulls which are habitually released in the Pamplona Bullring just after the Running of the Bulls.  We can also see shots of several Pamplona streets and the people who appear in the video are dressed up as if they had really come to the Sanfermin Fiestas.
We did not know of the existence of this video, and, although fourteen years have passed since its publication, it is rather amusing to think that this Italian artiste would have chosen Sanfermin images to illustrate and accompany his song, whose theme is love and passion. Yet another example of the close connection constantly being made between the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and any kind of reference made to the word, “BULL”, for better or for worse.

The song was reissued in 2013 and the group, Eiffel 65 made their own version in a Eurodance style. Since 2009, Piero Pelù went on to form part of the group, Litfiba along with Ghigo Renzulli, but currently he continues as a solo act. From time to time he plays with his old group, Litfiba, as for example, this past summer at the Traffic Festival of Torino. (Thanks to Paloma for that item of news).