Buddy-roo, the party doll

Photo: thatbigdoll.tumblr.com

The famed Sanfermin party scene is so well known that it has even reached the ears of the plastic beings and Buddy-roo did not give it a second thought; she came straight to the Sanfermin fiesta, all ready to have a wild time.

The doll was out on the town just like everyone else, as she didn’t want to miss a thing. She watched The Running of the Bulls every day, waving to the runners from her balcony, and she even got close to the bulls at the morning event. Of course, she just had to dress up in the typical Sanfermin gear, most of the time she was wearing the special Kukuxumusu Sanfermin 2013 T-shirt.

Buddy-roo en Kukuxumusu vistiendo la camiseta de 2012, el año en que su amiga Catherine Donnell fue elegida Guiri del año http://thatbigdoll.tumblr.com/

Not even Mr. Testis could resist her charms, but if the truth be known, the blue bull is pretty easy to seduce. There was definitely an immediate rapport between the two although the doll is reluctant to admit it. Proof of that is in this photo, in which Buddy-roo allows herself to be warmly wrapped in the arms of Mr. Testis in quite a long and tight squeeze.

Mr Testis y Buddy-roo hicieron buenas migas en Sanfermin http://thatbigdoll.tumblr.com/

It was such a wild party that the doll couldn’t even remember her own name over the last few days of the fiestas. Buddy-roo had a great time over the whole 9 days of Sanfermin. Furthermore, she not only had a hell of a time, but she also made some great new friends and of course, the mother and father of a hangover, from which we don’t quite know if she has recovered yet.

Buddy-roo con más copas de la cuenta http://thatbigdoll.tumblr.com/
El café no basta para que Buddy-roo consiga superar su resaca post-sanferminera http://thatbigdoll.tumblr.com/

This is not the first time a doll come to enjoy Sanfermin. Mole-doll also had a great time in fiestas. Mole-doll también se lo pasó en grande en las fiestas.

If you would like to check out some of the things Buddy-roo got up to in Sanfermin, you can watch her at her blog “Running with that Big Doll”.