Some 800 tourists enjoyed the fiestas with

Pamplona, 14th of July, 2014

Without quite having said goodbye to all our clients yet, the final evaluation of the fiestas has been very positive. More than 800 people, from 34 different countries, visited Pamplona during the Sanfermin fiestas, thanks to the organization of Destino Navarra and

In addition to State tourism, most of the visitors were from the Anglo-Saxon countries, especially North America, but also some from Australia, New Zealand and The United Kingdom.

The second largest contingent came from the Latin-American countries, especially México, Venezuela and Argentina but also some from Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru.

Other European countries which are discovering our fiestas more and more are France, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

But perhaps the most eye-catching nationalities this year were the emerging markets from such far-off countries as China, Japan, South Korea and Russia. Clients with ample purchasing power who are coming to Pamplona, and filtering into the “red and white anonymity of the fiestas”.

According to Mikel Ollo, manager of Destino Navarra and an assessor on tourism for, “The San Fermín fiestas continue to be a world-wide reference but the large amount of information about Pamplona to be found on the Internet, means that many people prefer to have the help of a ‘trip advisor” or “tourist assessor” in Pamplona. This can give their trip another dimension and make the trip a unique experience with a local touch, and which only people from Pamplona are capable of imbuing with our selective offers.”

“As an example, during these present Sanfermines, we have already received 3 requests for the next Sanfermin 2015, and at the same time, we have already had a meeting with some of the American and British travel agencies, with the aim of analyzing 2014, and to begin to prepare the next season.”

As from this coming September, with more tranquility, we shall start to design the new programs and proposals for next year so that, as from October, we hope that bookings can begin to be taken.

Viva San Fermín, Gora San Fermín!