A frightened face and saved by the horn

Foto: Pablo Lasaosa

If Huracán took our breath away with its awesome pace, today, the Victoriano del Río bulls had our chests squeezed in a tight knot of anxiety as they steamrolled across the course and knocked down everything in their path.

Panic was reflected in the faces of many runners and spectators, especially over the second half of the course, creating images such as can be seen in this sequence of shots taken by Pablo Lasaosa. We can see how this runner barely escapes from the horns of one of the Victoriano fighting bulls

With a reflex action, this young runner who is dressed in a tee shirt bearing the coat-of-arms of the Madrid region on one of his sleeves, sent a lightening message to his body to escape from the looming danger. Just when all appeared to be irredeemably lost, this runner managed to save himself, thanks to the instinctive grab he made to the right horn of the bull before he managed to slip away to safety.

We don’t know what the runner felt in those fearful few seconds, but for sure, he came away with a fright that will not be easily forgotten.