Encierro y fiestas de Sanfermin, del 6 al 14 de julio de 2013

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Death at the 'Encierro'

The death of the young Madrid runner Daniel Jimeno Romero cast a mourning shadow on the 2009 fiestas

Sanfermin 2009 was the year in which death returned to the running of the bulls. A bull from the Jandilla bull-ranch took the life of Daniel Jimeno Romero and published the only photos of the instant of the fatal goring.

Two days later the Miura bulls created a second terrifying running of the bulls, which despite the hair-raising goring at the entrance to the bullring, did not turn out to have any mortal consequences.

In addition to the running of the bulls, also amply covered Jai Day, the particular fiesta organized by Kukuxumusu; It also gave live coverage to the gorings and tossings suffered in the bullring to the bullfighters, Miguel Angel Perera, Joselillo, David Mora, and El Cid, and it shared some film-shooting with film director Bigas Luna It also gave some special coverage to Frank Taylor, the foreigner of the year for Sanfermin 2009.

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