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Chupinazo 2001. Lanzamiento, Fermín Tajadura

A "Sporty" exception to the politicians

While the trend had been well laid down of having councilors to set off the txupinazo rocket, an exception was made during 2000 and 2001 when Osasuna the football team won promotion to the first division and the captain of the team was given the honor. The following year the handball team, Portland San Antonio won the European cup and Fermin Tajadura, the president of the club had the honor of setting off the rocket on the 6th of July.

In 2002 the Mayor once more returned to the tradition of having councilors set off the rocket. That year she gave the honor to the leading opposition party and started up the idea of taking turns between the different parties once again each year.

The event is short and intense. The chosen representative simply acclaims the saint - San Fermin - in both Spanish and Basque language. Lately some little variations have been made depending on whether the person is male or female, etc, but within ten seconds of starting the fiestas, the celebrations swallow up any potential controversy in wild jubilation.

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