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Chupinazo 1981. Lanzadora, Elisa Chacartegui

From 1979

The "Txupinazo" or rocket does not have a very long history compared to the rest of Sanfermin events

The mayor designates the lucky one in charge of firing the "Txupinazo". In 1979, with the first democratically elected corporation, the mayor, Julian Balduz Calvo, decided that this priviledge would go, each year, to a different political group making up the town government, beginning with the group having the largest number of representatives and continuing on down. This cycle is renewed every four years, coinciding with elections.

In 1991 Mayor Alfredo Jaime Irujo shared the fuse-lighting with Jose Maria Perez Salazar, who, together with Joaquin Ilundain (no longer alive), had suggested that the rocket should be fired from the Plaza Consistorial 50 years before.

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