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Quick Guide

The running of the bulls is held in Pamplona (Spain) at eight o'clock each morning from the 7th to the 14th of July, inclusive.

-The length of the running of the bulls is some 875 metres (0,54 miles)
-You don't have to sign up anywhere to take part; It´s free.
-The only way to enter is at the gateway at the Town Hall: 6.30 a.m. to 7.30 a.m.
-All spectators must stay behind the double-fencing along the route. Only first-aid teams can be found there.
-Many runners, who gather at the bottom of Santo Domingo, sing a homily to the image of San Fermin. Más Info.
-A rocket goes off at the moment the bulls are let out into the street. A second rocket goes off to let everyone know that all the bulls are now in the street.-When you hear a third rocket go off it is to let you know that all the bulls have arrived inside the ring and a fourth and final rocket is sent off when all the bulls have been safely led into their pens.
-It is impossible to race fully with the bulls or even keep up with them for very long. More Info.
-The way to do it is, to start off slowly when the bulls are still a good distance behind, and as they draw nearer start running as fast as you can, before they get too close, hang in near them for a short time, as near as you are prepared to risk your skin, and then get out of the way as cleanly as posible.
-Each section of the run has its own particular characteristics. In Santo Domingo the run is very fast and spectacular and is risky at the corner of Mercaderes, while in Estafeta it is somewhat slower and clearer. The run into the bull-ring is exciting, highly risky and colourful.
-Once the bulls have gone past the run has finished.

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