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Eight gorings in this year’s Running of the Bulls, with novel norms on security.

Obsession with safety aspects marked this year’s bullrunnings, which were all quite fast and marked by heavy fines for some runners who ignored new safety norms. Some shocking and dramatic images, particularly on the 14th

The Sanfermin 2014 Bullrunnings could be said to have returned to normal this year. After the spectacular pile-up crush of last year and the resulting debate about security aspects, this year's Running of the Bulls returned once again to the more habitual scares and dangerous situations which left the usual number of runners injured from various kinds of traumatisms and, the few, but more dramatic gorings that took place.

This year there were a total of 8 runners gored, and the most shocking cases occurred in the Running of the Bulls on the 14th, with the Miura bulls. Here 3 young runners were severely gored in some vivid moments that will remain long in everyone's mind for their dramatic impact. Another striking moment this year was the stunning charge up the slope of Santo Domingo made by one of the Garcigrande bulls on the morning of the 10th which left two gorings and several other runners dramatically tossed. And perhaps, the memorable goring suffered by the North-American writer, Bill Hillmann, immortalized by our photographer, Mikel Ciáurriz and which served to initiative a strong friendship between the two men.

As for the other aspects of the bullrunnings, it is worth mentioning the heavy fines - 26 in all - imposed by the Municipal police on runners who infringed the new norms imposed by city hall this year. These steps were taken by Pamplona City hall with the objective of making runners aware of the importance of respecting the norms laid down for the Running of the Bulls event.









Los de 2014 han sido los duodécimos con más corneados (8). En 2004 hubo 16.

Ha habido 43 traslados a hospitales, un 14% menos que el año pasado (50)

El promedio de duración de los encierros ha sido de 3,01.

Han sido corneados 4 corredores navarros, el número más alto de la última década.

Para más información estadística sobre el encierro, consulta el BUSCAENCIERROS

*Estadísticas periodo 1980-2014

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