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The Monarch and the Running of the Alligators


Just the other day I found myself in Pamplona and I couldn't help but notice some billboards that Pamplona City Hall had put up in order to promote the city.
San Cernin Church... The Road to Santiago...the façade of the City Hall building...and, of course, the Running of The Bulls and Sanfermin.
What I just could not figure out was why in the middle of the large poster and right at the forefront, there was a huge monarch butterfly? As far as I know, this particular lepidopteron is not to be found anywhere within the vicinity of Pamplona. I mean to say, they may as well have put up an alligator on the same billboard over the caption: "Pamplona, the city of giant reptiles". Come to see "A Running of the Alligators".
Well, I am not a scientific expert but I would swear that, at least ever since Navarra left off being an Independent Kingdom way back in 1512, there have been no more monarchs to be seen around Pamplona. And what is true for sure is that that particular species is not in any way representative of the city itself.


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