Una campaña publicitaria intenta evitar que Pepe Durán corra el encierro de Sanfermin en 2012

The Sanfermin Running of the Bulls is a constant publicity ploy because it possesses some very appealing qualities for both agencies and clients. To the long list of previous publicity spots and videos created from this event, we can now add another original initiative – #nodejesquelohaga. Through the web page, nodejesquelohaga.com we are told that Pepe Durán – from Jerez- is committed to running in the Pamplona Running of the Bulls unless he manages to get an interview for his creative friends with the important publicity agency, Sra. Rushmore.

In the video, Pepe Durán, age 39, tells us that he trusts his friends from the world of publicity and that they will achieve their aim of not seeing him having to run in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls. He confesses that he is not ready for this dangerous event. Among other reasons for not being a good candidate for the running, he alleges that he would slow down the event and this could be dangerous for the other runners.

At the You Tube site from Pepe Durán you can discover several videos from people begging him not to take part in the Sanfermin running of the bulls and beseeching the Rushmore firm to give his friends a hearing. University Professors, students, and other such people might be forgiven for thinking that behind this entire phenomenon there is some kind of university project being played out. The domain is registered in the same name as the web page, viajarasanlucar.com. We shall be keeping you informed on how the whole thing unfolds.