Un txupinazo al borde del rescate

Thousands of people have been arriving over the past few days to the Navarra capital from all parts of the world and a good many of them will be squeezed into the packed area of City Hall Square all ready and willing to enjoy the opening ceremony of the Txupinazo which will set the fiestas of Sanfermin 2012 in motion.

The councilor Iñaki Cabases belongs to the Nationalist political group, Nafarroa Bai, and he has been a councilor of Pamplona since 2007. He is an ardent fan of Sanfermin fiestas and, as speaker for this second largest political party in City Hall, he has had the luck to have selected to set light to the opening rocket that will announce the start of the fiestas.

The city is now all ready and waiting and this year, once again, City Hall will put special security measures into operation to ensure that all those who go to the square to welcome the opening of the fiestas will not be permitted to take any kind of glassware or glass-made bottles with them in an attempt to avoid cuts and accidents.

Not long to go!