A commercial for sandals recommends that you shouldn’t wear them to take part in The Pamplona Running of the Bulls

The North-American Footwear Company that makes flip-flops under the name Combat Flip Flops has given an original marketing twist to its campaign with the slogan “Bad for running…”  They have just pinned up a video which shows that coming to the Sanfermin fiestas and wearing flip-flops for the bullrunning is not exactly a bright idea. The point of their campaign is to stress that flip-flops are not good for running in and even less good for fighting in (BAD FOR RUNNING, WORSE FOR FIGHTING). The idea is that, in this way, they underline the good qualities of their footwear, how the flip-flops are cute and go down well for most other situations. Here is the video which features Matthew Griffin (CEO of Combat Flip Flops) and after you see it we’ll fill you in on the story:

The video was shot by Metalway Productions

Just over a year ago they put out a challenge (see video) stating that if they reached a minimum figure of 10.000 fans on Facebook they would go to Pamplona in July to take part in The Running of the Bulls. And, no sooner said than done, when they reached that figure, they did as they promised, and that is how the video came about.

Combat Flip Flops.Combat Flip Flops.

Combat Flip Flops is a firm located in Issaquah in the State of Washington, on the west coast of The USA, not far from Seattle. Their good working approach has been recognized in 2014 when they were given an award by the local Chamber of Commerce in Issaquah. Their strategies and initiatives are original and quite unlike the standard kind of Footwear Company, as can be seen in their blog where Griff relates the details of their trip to Pamplona and explains this photo in which he features and which was published by The Daily Beast
Matthew Griffin fue portada del Daily Beast en las vaquillas.
Matthew Griffin photo in the The Daily Beast
Matthew Griffin en el recorrido del encierro.