Tablón de Anuncios de 2016

The Noticeboard is back once again

As from today, after a period of stationary maintenance, the Notice Board is now active once again for the 2016 Sanfermin fiestas. This noticeboard has become a reference when it comes to renting and booking for Sanfermin events and it has served over the past decade by putting users in communication with one another.

The Noticeboard allows owners and tenants to find each other for many events and aspects of the Sanfermin fiestas. Some are looking for a balcony for the Running of the Bulls while others are looking for apartments. Others might be looking for friends or even a parking lot for their automobiles. There was even one memorable case of a girl who was searching for her Sanfermin love and she pinned up an announcement and… FOUND him.

The Noticeboard has evolved in different ways and, at the moment, it works by buying codes which allow users to later pin up their Sanfermin offers or requests on the webpage. is only responsible for exhibiting the communication and listing the necessary data so as to avoid false offers but it does not accept responsibility for the services that are announced on the noticeboard. To get professional services related to the fiestas we can provide balconies to the running of the bulls and tourist packages with hotel from Sanfermin by locals, or from Findor should you wish to rent individual rooms.

Payment is made online by means of Paypal or debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard…) and it cannot be made in cash or by a bank transfer. The pre-defined categories for announcements are as follows: Renting Apartments/Rooms –/ Renting balconies / Shared Accommodation / Work in Sanfermin and Other Aspects. It is important to bear in mind that the e-mail which is facilitated with the initial payment operation will be the one that will be published on the web page and to which the codes will be sent and which will also be used for security purposes. Many announcements use their own e-mail for Sanfermin and another to pay by Paypal. This is possible because after filling in the name and email address, the Paypal application is initiated where each user can accede with their own normal e-mail addresses for the online payment. If we put an email in this initial step which would be different to the one we want to appear on the web page, the codes used to publish the announcements would not work. In this way, we avoid the theft of codes and we are allowed use different accounts to publish different announcements which are distinct from the personal email just as was requested by our users some years ago.

It is important to point out that the prices of 2016 have come down compared to those of 2015, but the cost of maintenance of the web page has not, nor the security aspect, nor the display of the announcements.

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1 anuncio 5 euros
5 anuncios 20 euros
10 anuncios 30 euros
5 anuncio PREMIUM 40 euros
10 anuncios PREMIUM 60 euros