The art of bullfighting for the young

The Casa de Misericordia, the charity entity behind the bullfighting week, announces two free events for Sanfermin 2014 within their program of “Toros en Familia (‘Bulls within the Family)” which is also supported by Pamplona City Hall. The idea behind the program is to promote interest in the art of bullfighting among the young. In a session open to all the family, it will be possible to attend a majestic class of first-rate bullfighting from Alejandro Talavante (9th of July) and in the session entitled “Navarra en el ruedo” (‘Navarra in the arena’), to hold a trial session with three young apprentice bullfighters from the region (11th of July).

The session “Toros en familia” on the 9th of July, will start at 11.00 a.m. with a mock Running of the Bulls with “bulls” on wheels where the children running in front of the “bulls” can race into the Pamplona bullring. According to what we are told by the organization committee, “all those children who come in carrying bullfighting capes, may remain in the arena to receive a short class in the art of bullfighting from the maestro Alejandro Talavante, who will bring forward his visit to Pamplona in order to share these moments with the youngest bullfighting fans”. After receiving advice and instruction from this maestro and once the arena has been properly vacated by everyone, the young Mexican female bullfighter, Paola San Román, will fight a young bull for the general public in the bullring.

This is the announcement of the event.

On Friday, 11th of July, within the program designated as “Navarra en el ruedo”, three apprentice bullfighters will face three young bulls from the Hermanas Azcona de Olite bull-ranch. The aim is for “The session to serve to allow the young public to appreciate the technique of holding a trial of the bull and to see how the young bullfighters, Francisco Expósito, Javier Marín and “Oñete perform, this latter being still a complete rookie in the bullrings of the Navarra region”.