Mikel Urmeneta, autor del cartel de la Feria del Toro 2013

Mikel Urmeneta is the author this year of the bullfighting poster – the Feria del Toro de Sanfermin 2013, which was presented to the public today by the Casa de Misericordia organization in Pamplona. This entity is responsible for organizing the bullfight week during Sanfermin fiestas. Present at the press conference was Mikel Urmeneta himself, along with members of the board of the Casa de Misericordia, among them the president of the bullfighting commission, José María Marco, as well as the mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya.

The poster made by Mikel Urmeneta endorses a long-term rapport in this artist with the world of art and with the world of bullfighting. Urmeneta presented a photo of an object he had come across, i.e. a part of a wooden foldable table in which the contour of a bull can be clearly made out whether looked at from above, behind or in front of the object and it seems to be just coming out of the pens to enter the bullring. On the use of this material, Mikel Urmeneta stated that “the combination of the Wood and Iron (with its singular form and color), evokes the entrance doors of the Pamplona bullring; the corrals and the bullpens”.

“The poster fulfills its mission of making a strong visual impact and at the same time stating the theme of what is being announced on the poster,” explains Urmeneta, who affirms that it is a poster which is “respectful of the Bullfight week”, but which also opens up “fresh approaches” than the more traditional ones often found in the world of the bullfighting poster”.

Urmeneta now joins a list of prestigious artists whose work has been commissioned down the years by the Casa de Misericordia organization which has been responsible for the posters for more than half a century. Among these, the designer, José María Cruz Novillo (1971), the Portuguese painter, Luis Pinto-Coelho (1979), painter and sculptor Eduardo Úrculo (1996), the Colombian artist, Fernando Botero (1998), photographer Jim Hollander (2002) or the architect, Rafael Moneo (2009)

This year the Casa de Misericordia personally commissioned a poster design from Mikel Urmeneta. The poster is wholly made by Urmeneta who is also the creative director of Kukuxumusu. The trademark of this company has always been its ability to make drawings which are chronicles and which, at the same time, portray a graphic humorous vision of the contemporary world. The company has never taken a strong stand on any of the polemical issues arising from the world of bullfighting but has simply limited itself to portraying the current reality of bullfighting. In fact, Kukuxumusu has managed to simultaneously do some work for the anti-bullfighting PETA organization while, at the very same time, continue to do its own comical drawings about the running of the bulls for its T-shirt collections, thus reaffirming its wish to reproduce all the existing points of view within our society.

Carteles finalistas para Sanfermin 2013

Pamplona citizens can now start voting at the web page pamplona.es, or through the telephone number 010 – from Pamplona- or +34 948 420 100 -from calls outside Pamplona- and also at City Hall Civivox buildings from tomorrow

From among these 8 finalist posters will come the official poster to announce Sanfermin 2013. The votes of the citizens of Pamplona will decide the winning poster over the next twenty days. It is now possible to cast votes at the City Hall web page, or by calling the telephone number 010 from inside Pamplona or the number 948 420 100 – for all calls outside the city. As from tomorrow, it will also be possible to cast votes from the Civivox. Centers located in Pamplona. The original posters will be exhibited inside the Palacio del Condestable building in calle mayor street. Voting will close on the 29th of April.

The jury which made the selection from all the entries have found the following positive attributes in each of the posters chosen to be a finalist:
Cartel 1 Nº30, “Locos por la fiesta”. David Arratíbel: “This is an allegory of the Rorschach test where a varied interpretation of one of the signs of the fiesta is being sought for. It should be underlined that the technique used is the same as watercolors with a tracing of the test.”
Cartel 2 Nº 207, “Santo”. David Alegría: “A figurative theme that suggests the work of Botero, choosing a close-up foreground as if appealing to the viewers.”
Cartel 3 Nº 109, “Momentos de San Fermín”. David Alegría: “This is a Naïf work, simple, graphically well-worked out where the idea of going for something positive is appreciated”. They jury has stated that it has not failed to comply with the rules of the competition in not having the main sentence in the Basque language.
Cartel 4 Nº 125, “Check-in”. David Alegría: “Modern; an artistic call to the fiesta, a calling in the shape of a fictitious airport”; David Arratíbel:” Very Pop, sublimating an everyday object.”
Cartel 5 Nº 146 “Canan”. Txaro Fontalba: “Good, modern, with important positive details such as the river in the form of horns and with good applications and other skills.
Cartel 6 Nº 94, “Muelle de pinza”. Txaro Fontalba: “this is a poster along the lines of the visual poetry ofJoan Brossa  or the work of Chema Madoz, with impeccable photography and nice play with the typography. Suggestive.
Cartel 7 Nº 308, “Naïf”. Txaro Fontalba:”This follows the line of the ideograms and creates a special texture ” David Arratíbel, also points out: “It is worth viewing the piece live and in its natural state because it has a metallic touch and the technique used is similar to that of silk screen printing”
Cartel 8 Nº 444 “Ñam”. David Arratíbel: “This is playing with a Pantone color list. This is the 485 red, the typical red of Sanfermin. The touch resides in the bite that plays with the idea that you like the color of the fiesta so much that you eat it up.”

We love You, Caravinagre, for Sanfermin 2012

David Alegría, a graphic designer from Tudela (Navarra), has been declared the winner of the Sanfermin 2012 Official Poster Competition. His particular design, using one of the “Big Heads” – Caravinagre – a member of the Giant’s Entourage, is a design made in imitation of a poster designed by Alfred Leete in the magazine, London Opinion of 1914 showing Lord Kitchener calling all Englishmen to enlist for the war. David Alegría has also acknowledged the influence of the design made by J. M. Flagg in the USA showing Uncle Sam calling for enlistment during The Second World War. Luckily, this time around, the design is for a festive occasion, i.e. for the World’s Biggest Party of 2012. And that is the wish of the 1, 910 voters resident in Pamplona who voted for this design from among all the finalists (almost 30% of the total number of votes cast). More than 300 votes separated the winning design made by Alegría from the second placed design and so there are doubts about the popularity of the winning design. David Alegría points out that he chose this particular design thinking that it would appeal to the foreign visitors who come to the city during Sanfermin fiestas. Alegría gave a personal perspective to the image of Caravinagre by changing his lateral look for a frontal one and, thanks to the advice of his girlfriend, he dressed the figure in typical Sanfermin gear.

Enrique Maya, Pamplona’s Mayor, has stated that he is very happy with the result and with this poster design which will publicize the official fiestas program of Sanfermin 2012 and he feels that it is pleasing that the Giants and their Entourage should be chosen as the theme of the fiestas. Caravinagre has twice been protagonist in previous poster designs – in the design of 1997 (Joseba and Mitxelo Gurrutxaga) and in 1947 (José Luis y Juan María Cía). This is the first time ever, in the lost history of Sanfermin poster designs, that the text is written in English with the caption : I want you (for) Sanfermin 2012.

Finalistas para el cartel de Sanfermin 2012

The people of Pamplona on the census list can now cast their votes at the web page Pamplona.es from among the eight finalist designs in order to find the official poster for Sanfermin 2012 Fiestas. The most5 important prerequisite is to be on the census list of the city of Pamplona. A statement made by the jury underlines the fact that from the 511 pòster designs submitted, they felt that many of them were not up to standard. They feel that this is explained from the fact that the rules of the open competition allows everyone to take part, amateurs and professionals. (This point cannot be confirmed objectively as admission to view all the entries has been restricted this year – unlike previous years when all the entries could be viewed). This year the technical jury was formed by Jorge Fonseca, Eva Ortega and Fermín Urdánoz, all professionals from the world of graphic design. Outlined below are the eight finalists:

As always, we hope to show some other designs which were not selected as finalists but which reflect the effort of the many people who submitted their drawings and designs in the hope of winning the annual Sanfermin poster prize. SEE GALLERY.

• 1 – nº71 ‘Piel de cartón’ Jury’s verdict: “Caravinagre can be clearly identified as well as the bulls’ horns. The piece has a slant towards an Abstract work and it is quite evocative.”
• 2 – nº185 ‘Joyas’ Jury’s verdict: “A good reference as being representative of the competition as the poster is quite singular and which plays with the figure of San Fermín and with the bull running.”
• 3 – nº204 ‘Yo y el toro’ Jury’s verdict: ” A running bull and a dance can be made out from the poster and it also evokes the chains from the Navarra badge and it exploits the traditional colors”.
• 4 – nº267 ‘Love mu’ Jury’s evaluation: “It reflects the hospitality which the city can offer and it is capable of showing at the same time the bulls horns and the typical fiestas necktie”
• 5 – nº318 ‘San Fermín jaiarekin bat/San Fermín se une a la fiesta” Jury’s evaluation: “It is an original and unexpected finalist because it is not the usual type of poster from this competition. It breaks with the types schemes of color and form found in this competition “.
• 6 – nº339 ‘K12IKI’ Jury’s verdict: “This is a wholesome, striking and powerful image and up-to-date. It reminds one of a San Fermín with the shape of a cap and it plays with the year and the face of one of the kilikis”
• 7 – nº344 ‘Te quiero en San Fermín’ Jury’s verdict: “It is interesting as it uses an image which we are all familiar with and a classic slogan. A finely -finished piece of work that fits together”
• 8 – nº462 ‘Ya están aquí’ Jury’s verdict: “We like the illustration and the up-to-date aesthetics with a nod to vintage retro. The composition is laudable”.

The posters which have been selected for their exhibition at Conde Rodezno are: 4, 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 19, 23, 24, 28, 32, 71, 82, 90, 93, 96, 122, 131, 132, 135, 138, 152, 154, 157, 170, 172, 173, 174, 177, 181, 184, 185, 186, 188, 189, 192, 193, 204, 207, 209, 222, 226, 230, 241, 243, 245, 247, 249, 252, 254, 260, 267, 270, 274, 277, 280, 281, 282, 285, 288, 289, 290, 291, 297, 300, 301, 306, 310, 318, 319, 323, 325 327 332 334 339 344 345 349 363, 367, 376, 382, 387, 388, 390, 392, 400, 415, 419, 424, 430, 431, 435, 439, 444, 451, 462, 463, 464, 495 eta 507.

Diego Ramos, autor del Cartel de la Feria del Toro de Sanfermin 2012

Diego Ramos, nacido en Cali (Colombia) en 1976, ha sido el encargado por la Casa de Misericordia de Pamplona para realizar el cartel de la Feria del Toro número 54. El autor ha señalado que de pequeño se levantaba a las dos de la mañana para ver la carrera y escuchar a Javier Solano en TVE y luego, en la plaza de toros, jugaba a correr el encierro. Por eso, realizar esta obra “Sin ser un sueño, es una aspiración de cualquier persona que siente amor hacia el toro”. En Sanfermin 2009, Ramos expuso en el Hotel Maissonave y ha decidido plasmar en esta obra el impacto, con pocos trazos y centrado en el toro, sin arena ni corredores. Se han editado 2000 ejemplares de gran formato que se venderán a tres euros, 500 del mismo tamaño plastificados y 3500 pequeños, a dos euros. Todos ellos se venden en la Casa de Misericordia y en la Tómbola de Cáritas.

Diego Ramos sucede a María Franco, que decoró la cartelería de la Feria de 2011. La Casa de Misericordia encarga esta obra por consenso en base al trabajo de la comisión de arte. Esta busca y recibe propuestas de artistas reconocidos y sigue una línea de calidad y variedad que se mantiene a lo largo de los años. En la galería de Sanfermin.com se pueden consultar todos los carteles disponibles de la Feria del Toro entre los que se encuentran obras de Fernando Botero, Eduardo Úrculo, Francis Bartolozzi, Gino Hollander, Elena Goñi, Luis García Campos o Rafael Moneo entre otros.

Concurso de Carteles para Sanfermin 2012 desde el 1 de marzo

From the 1st of March entries are open and over the whole month entries will be accepted from all those who wish to participate in the Sanfermin 2012 Poster Competition. This year the prize money has been reduced by 900 euro and now stands at a figure of 3.600 euro. However, the fame and honor of having made the official poster to announce the Sanfermin fiestas stands as high as it has always been.

A jury will make a short list of eight finalists and these eight finalists will be submitted to a popular vote made by the citizens of Pamplona to decide the eventual winner. They will choose the graphic design that they feel best represents the spirit of the fiestas of 2012. The rules are the same as they have been over the past several years. The design should go on a format of not higher than one hundred centimeters and a width of seventy centimeters and it should hold the following motto: “Pamplona/Iruña. San Fermín 2012. 6 al 14 de julio /Uztailaren 6tik 14ra”. All entries should be placed against a hard support base and it should be properly wrapped and sent in by post or handed in to the Ciudadela Municipal Office. Entries are open from the 1st of March to the 31st of March 2012. Entries may be handed in from Mondays to (non-holiday) Saturday morning between the hours of 10:30p.m. to 13:30 a.m. at the full address: Oficina de la Ciudadela. Avenida del Ejército, s/n. 31002 Pamplona (Navarra). Tfno. 948 420 975 / e-mail: ciudadela@pamplona.es

The posters will be entered without any author’s signature in view and with a title that should be written on the rear of the poster. Authorship of the poster should not be made known at any time during the period before the winning entries are announced. Along with the poster, a closed envelope should be attached and on the outside of the envelope the title of the design should be written. Inside the closed envelope, the name of the author of the piece should be written along with the address and phone number and ID. A short résumé of the background of the author should also be presented inside the envelope and a signed statement from the author, stating that the work is original and unedited. Postage expenses must be covered by the entrants and also any expenses arising from returning the entries to their owners. Pamplona City Hall has all exclusive rights to the winning entry and copyright and intellectual rights pass to the Town Hall. This means that City Hall can reproduce, distribute, communicate and transform the piece in any way it pleases.