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Simulación del encierro de Sanfermin en el programa The Amazing Race de la CBS

The CBS TV program –The Amazing Race All Star– recently dedicated one of its episodes to the concept of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls. The adaptation of this event is contended by opposing couples in “Awesome Races” and it was broadcast last Sunday, at prime time, with an episode entitled “Bull Down”” which was shot in Seville in December, 2013, with an adaptation of the Sanfermin Bullrunning also being included.

The participating couples came from Switzerland and the first test that they had to confront brought them to the Hairdresser’s of Manuel Melado. There they had to shave a balloon. The second test brought them to a class of flamenco dancing and the third one was a simulated running of the Bulls. This scene explained the title of the episode, “Bull Down” and it is the scene that is used in promoting the show from CBS. The images have been shot in the downtown street of Sierpes and surroundings. The competitors had to complete a running inside large air balls with horns on them. As far as we can make out, it seems real good fun because, as well as running, competitors can also try to knock other runners down to prevent them from reaching the finishing line. In the trailer we can see how they bash each other around and it is not surprising if we remember that the winners of this competition will receive a million dollars in prize money. In this particular episode, the couple of cowboys were eliminated.